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BTOPENT New Signee YSD Bepo the First to Blow From Colorado

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

(Denver, Colorado - June 15th, 2023) - Big Top Entertainment LLC (BTOPENT) announced the signing of 18-year-old rapper YSD Bepo aka Bepo and producer Prod Maximilli aka Maximilli to their distribution and content platform. " Congratulations on signing with Big Top Entertainment. Remember to listen and work hard..." Damien Smith (Manager for Off-Set, Travis Scott, Anderson Paak).

The Colorado rapper and producer duo has found a rap wave in the Highlands Ranch suburbs of Colorado where the average income is north of 140k. Interestingly enough the experiences that YSD raps about are a microcosm of the world where you can express yourself but not in the literal sense. After you move the bravado and passive-aggressive talk, you uncover a lyricist limited in experience but not skill. The lead single "Letter 2 Granny" releasing June 17th, 2023, finds YSD Bepo rapping about his grind. He references the support from his late Grandmother who wholeheartedly believed in her grandson. Bepo's cadence is unlike many young artists in that clearly articulates his rhymes in a way that is easy to follow. His ability to speed up his flow and stay in the pocket is both dope and refreshing. The single Letter to Granny is the first single, and the forthcoming album is soon to be released, tentatively entitled Bepo World! The album was produced by Prod Maximilli aka Maximilli whose selection of music contains deep dark piano samples and melodic guitars with trap-style drums. The album was mixed and mastered in-house states BTOPENT's Curt Johnson, "We have found our way to 8 Billboard charts as an independent, so we wanted to make sure the music sounded sonically competitive". Long-term collaborator, Brandon Kilgore mastered the album, whose credits include engineering for other chart-topping artists.

Under the new agreement, BTOPENT will partner with the duo's newly formed ArtistEmpyre Records and provide funding for distributing, marketing, and promoting YSD Bepo's upcoming single and album. "With some financial backing and production and business consulting, we knew that Bepo and Maximilli had a shot" states the BTOPENT executive team. Since signing with BTOPEPNT, Bepo has also secured an ending credits licensing placement on the film Lot24theRental.

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