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BTOPENT's Next Episode by COO Jay Johnson

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

(Aurora, Colorado - August 23rd, 2021) - After a year of turmoil and Covid-related issues, Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. (BTOPENT) COO Jay Johnson is working with his staff to bring in new content. Earlier this year, Big Top Entertainment signed a new distribution agreement with an international aggregator. Under this new deal, the company will spend more time signing existing labels and artists to worldwide distribution deals. What is unique about BTOPENT is the concierge in-house services offered to each release where labels and artists are partners in determining their ultimate success!

Jay Johnson has over 30 years of music industry experience in artist development, music management, and label development, and is responsible for numerous Billboard charts and was featured on the Gold selling "I Wanna Be" Michael Jordan Gatorade remix. BTOPENT is led by Curtis Johnson (CEO), Jay Johnson (COO), and Bobby Robinson (President).

Ideally, what are you looking for when signing a label or artist? I look first at the quality of the content, and then I like to have a physical conversation. This allows me to make sure our goals are aligned.

What does a day on your team look like? My staff reviews submissions, social media platforms, and music platforms for artists, producers, or labels with their own infrastructure but needs help with getting to the next level.

What advice do you have for interested artists, producers, or labels? We are a company that always takes your call, no matter what! For media inquires contact

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