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BTOPENT Signs 18-Year Colorado Rap Duo "YSD Bepo and Prod Maximilli" to a Distribution Deal

(Denver, Colorado– April 24th, 2023) – Big Top Entertainment LLC (BTOPENT) signs 18-year-old rapper YSD Bepo aka Bepo and producer Prod Maximilli aka Maximilli to an album distribution deal. A chance meeting between the two Highlands Ranch students in 2020 led to the rapper and producer forging a bond and ultimately the music foundation that would get them in front of BTOPENT CEO, Curtis Johnson. Under the new agreement, BTOPENT will partner with the newly formed ArtistEmpyre Records and provide funding for distributing, marketing, and releasing a single and full album produced by the rap duo. "With some financial backing and production and business consulting, we knew that Bepo and Maximilli had a shot" states the BTOPENT executive team. The untitled album is currently being mixed and mastered and showcases Bepo's ability to tell his story and young experiences over dramatic and slow grinding trap beats. Their upcoming album will feature a song with Pop singer-songwriter and actress, Chloe J, (Hollywood Access, Inc.) who has amassed her own fan base from her chart-topping single "So Perfect", and her multiple appearances on national television. The collaboration has secured an ending credits licensing placement on the film Lot24theRental.

BTOPENT is currently securing touring to support the upcoming album, which will be released via their distribution platform with Sony Music Entertainment's The Orchard later this summer.

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