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BTOPENT Taps Keith Murray for Hip-Hop Decasi Comic Book Theme Song

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

(Denver, Colorado - January 15th, 2023) - Online Media Distributor, Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. (BTOPENT) has entered the comic book space, with "Decasi The Lost World". The animated story follows the life of four Decasian siblings who are displaced after their parents risk their lives to transport them to an unknown planet inhabited by the rejects of this world.

To help create the right sound for the theme song, 90's rap legend Keith Murray was brought in to tell the Decasi story in the best way he knows how lyrical storytelling. The verse starts with Keith's lyrical storytelling style"The story goes three brothers' one sister, sent from their planet Decasi by their parents as embryos". These types of rhyme schemes fit the edginess of the comic book and allow the listener to fall in love with the story. Under a hard-hitting beat that gives you that head nod and screw face. "I have always loved comic books dating back to the late 80's" states creator, Curtis Johnson. To help establish the aesthetic look designers Jay Johnson and Daryll Wright were instrumental in creating the uniqueness in the character's design"We wanted the characters to have abilities we could expand on in future issues" states Jay. Accompanying the comic is an animated video that shows Keith's character commanding a ship with the Decasi crew in tow which contributes to the hip-hop identity and feel of the project.

Decasi the Lost World will be released via BTOPENT's distribution partner, Sony Music Entertainments The Orchard, and the comic book is available exclusively on their site.



Decasi Video

Decasi The Lost World Comic

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