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Chloe J's 'So Perfect' Top 30 Independent Digital Music Charts!

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, Feb 15, 2022 /BTOPENT/ -- As the world recovers from the last few years, it has become increasingly apparent that love, grace, and encouragement are needed more now than ever. With many dealing with mental health issues, bullying, suicide, body shaming, self-image, and self-esteem insecurities the song, "So Perfect," by writer, producer, and vocalist Chloe J, is a timely message! “So Perfect” is a song that addresses a person's right to be perfect, in their own way. No matter the race, color, religion, size, or orientation, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Accompanied with a visually stunning futuristic video that places Chloe J as an interstellar celestial being who is perfectly made, producer and distributor Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. (BTOPENT) is encouraged that "So Perfect" will have a huge impact once it touches the masses. Hollywood Access Inc., Chloe's management team, also feels the single will be a breakout record, and that the message of inclusion and acceptance is right on time!

Currently, in its 5th week, "So Perfect" is sitting at #27 on the Top Independent Digital Radio Charts. The single is also doing well within the international markets, making the International Digital DJ charts at position #11 for January and holding steady at #22 for February. Look for more to come!

Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. (BTOPENT)

Hollywood Access, Inc.

SOURCE Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. (BTOPENT)

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