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Dogs Den Films Open to Strategic Partnerships in 2023

(Aurora, Colorado - November 11, 2022) - Dogs Den Films dogsdenfilms located in Colorado with satellite offices in Alpharetta, Georgia, and Covina California, has been busy the last three years pushing their content and brand. They executive produced the film, “Alien Domicile 2 Lot 24” which was distributed worldwide by ITN Films itnfilms. The film is licensed internationally in Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and the Philippines and is available on Tubi, VUDU, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and many other platforms. The film has 150k views on Sci-Fi Central’s YouTube channel click here with over 500k followers, and 113k views on video outlet Stadium Media click here, with an IMDB rating of well over 1100 votes click here. They also executive-produced pilot shows for a couple of animated series. The first "FISH", an animated comedy about a radio host who is rejected, and makes it his life-long goal to call in and rile up as many radio hosts as possible features digital animation from Juan Mont who has digital animation credits on Steven Colbert's show "Our Cartoon President" on Showtime and HULU. The second pilot "Roc n Ctar Show" humorously bridges politicism and inclusion in this animated series about a small rock from earth and a dim pessimistic star from the galaxies book the same Air BNB and decide to share despite their differences.

Both pilot episodes are being shopped to network representatives and interested parties, and the company is looking for additional partnerships and funding to complete the first season. "In a perfect world, we would leverage our existing relationships and partner with a funding source to complete production on the first season" states Managing Partner Bobby Robinson. Producing a full season will give Dogs Den Films the ability to negotiate and find the perfect platform to launch the first season. They are also to partner with a production company or bigger engine to bring both "Fish" and "Roc n Ctar Show" to viewers.

Dogs Den Films is a partner company of Big Top Entertainment L.L.C, an online content distributor.

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