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Dogs Den Films Produces the Psychological Thriller Lot 24 The Rental

Updated: May 22, 2023

(Denver, Colorado - May 22nd, 2023) - Dogs Den Films is shooting the first installment of their Lot 24 Anthology, a series of psychological thrillers aimed at intriguing the mind and the what if’s. Similar to a Jordan Peele film, our stories are filled with information and thought-provoking content that often requires a second viewing. Lot 24 The Rental is about a businessman who is suffering from panic attacks and lack of sleep. He works remotely from a rental where he soon discovers that lack of sleep is not his only problem. He slowly descends into a world intertwined with quirky animation, reality, and fiction.

In under 5 years, Dogs Den Films has licensed a film worldwide with ITN Films click here "itnfilms", content streamed online in the millions, and been featured on Sci-Fi Central’s channel of 800k subscribers, with 211k video views click here. The production company is also credited with producing the adult animation pilot “Fish”, with Juan Mont the digital animator from Steven Colbert’s show “Our Cartoon President”.

"We have a proven track record of reaching a niche audience, and we are always looking to extend our platform" states Creative Director Curtis Johnson.

Lot 24 The Rental will be screened at Harkins Theater in Denver, Colorado on July 20th, 2022.

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