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Dogs Den Films Receives Six-Figure Investment to Produce the 2nd Film in their Lot 24 Horror Series

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

(Aurora, Colorado - December 21st, 2022) - Dogs Den Films has received funding to produce the sequel to their thriller and suspense horror story series Lot 24. Each Lot 24 film places the central character in a different environment and follows their ability to overcome a particular set of horrific situations. The series is not all jump scenes but also falls into the suspense and thriller space with each film showing traces and elements of the previous film. The first film Alien Domicile 2 Lot 24 was a limited-budget feature that centered around the lead character's ability to escape the disastrous clutches of Sheriff Po, a nature-loving alien-seeking villain. You may think this sounds like a Scooby Doo movie, but the process of producing your first limited-budget feature film didn't produce a Scooby snack according to the Dogs Den Films brass. Now with a new investment, Lot 24 The Rental the next horror story will be born. Lot 24 The Rental is a film about a businessman who is suffering from panic attacks and an extreme lack of sleep. The lead character Lance stays at an Airbnb while on work travel, but soon discovers that this Airbnb is not like any other. His lack of sleep begins to intertwine his world of reality and fantasy. The lead character is portrayed by Trenell Blanks who also played Sheriff Po in the first film. "We wanted to create something similar to the American Horror Stories, where there are different stories using the same actors" states lead actor Trenell Blanks. "Imagine reaching an unimaginable point of physical and mental exhaustion" states Screenwriter and Director Curtis Johnson, "you are kind of asleep and awake at the same time, or are you? The uniqueness of the film's score will be handled by partner company Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. who will serve as the music supervisor for the film. They have worked on many television and film projects including providing song cues for the film Jamesy Boy featuring Mary Louise-Parker (Weeds), Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Stories), James Woods (Academy Award Winner), Ving Rhames (Golden Globe Winner), and Spencer Lofranco (Gotti).

Dogs Den Films producers, Curtis Johnson, Trenell Blanks, and Bobby Robinson are still in discussions regarding the distribution of the film and have been in negotiations with distributors and sales agents. Pre-production on Lot 24 The Rental starts in January of 2023, and the film is looking to begin filming as early as mid-April 2023.

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