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From the Road to the Office BTOPENT's President Bobby Robinson

(Covina, California - August 23rd, 2021) - The year is 1985 and Bobby is working on his first tour as road manager for the American Rock and Roll band the Bus Boys. "The thing I remember most was lead singer Brian O'Neil wanting his bottle of Tabasco sauce with every meal" states Bobby. It wouldn't be long before others recognized his attention to detail and the ability to get things done, and soon he was requested to road manage Alisson Williams, Mikki Howard, Angela Bofill, After 7 and a young RnB group out of Pasadena named Troop!

It was M.C. Hammer's then label Bust It Records/Capitol, and executive Louis Burrell who saw Bobby's business tour management savvy and offered him a position as Director of Touring/ Management. In this position, he managed the careers of Angie B and Special Generation, with the former going Gold. Bobby would eventually join Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. (BTOPENT) in 2007 as President and was a pivotal addition to securing early capital and funding.

Why did you get into the industry? I got into the industry because of my cousin Terry who played percussion for the group Rolls Royce. I was always in the band, in high school so I was intrigued by being around a professional band.

What is the biggest change from being on the road versus being in the office? The biggest change is being disconnected from the music. While I was on the road i was able to experience more live music and connect to the people.

What does your team at BTOPENT do on a daily basis? My team is responsible for seeking out sync licensing and music placements opportunities for cable, film, and television projects. I lead the capital finance and sponsorship team.

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