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Ingen Music Joins the BTOPENT Team

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

(Chicago, Ilinois - July 26th, 2021) - Chicago-based Ingen Music strives to create a platform for independent artists to achieve financial freedom for their brands! With all of the negative press surrounding the Chicago music scene, Ingen is doing its part to bring positivity and change. Under the new structure, Ingen Music will keep full control of marketing their releases, while BTOPENT will provide worldwide distribution and release support.

Their approach is simple, to release content that challenges the status quo of today's rap as evidence of their latest release, Culture by 773MVSON. The production has the "industry" sound but 773MVSON wordplay is anything but industry. CEO Johnny Innuendo states that they chose BTOPENT because " for the ability to team with a black-owned business", which they believe is a valuable asset. The most recent release, "No More Good Times" is a melodic and soulful example of the lyricism of 773MVSON and his ability as an artist to ride any beat. 773MVSON raps about the lack of support from those close to you and delivers a message much different than Culture. Look for more this coming year!

For media inquiries, please contact Johnny Innuendo

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