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Is Trenell Blanks Hollywood's New Leading Man

(Alpharetta, Georgia - August 25th, 2021) - As actor Trenell Blanks sits in the movie theater watching his very brief role in the Aretha Franklin biopic, RESPECT, he can't help but see a bright feature ahead. The scene is set with Jennifer Hudson, who plays Aretha Franklin on stage when an argument ensues between her character and Mary J Blige's character. Chaos ensues, tables get flipped, and if you look closely, Trenell is one of the patrons in the club. Trenell can also be seen playing the character Eugene in the film, The Devil Comes Dressed for Church Too, a film with a 20 million dollar budget and slated for international theatrical release later this year. And if that wasn't enough, Trenell has a role as a U.S. Senator in a new series Surviving The Cartel, a crime drama eerily similar to the Narcos franchise. Although your role was featured, how was it working on set with Jennifer Hudson and Mary J Bilge? It was great working with such seasoned actors, and I learned a lot on the set. What I remember most was Mary J's off-screen personality and how funny and engaging she was. What show would you be cast if you had the opportunity? If given the opportunity, I would work on Law & Order. Why that show? First off, the franchise is massive, so any recurring role would come with stability. I also really like crime drama shows and feel my acting skills best fit this genre. Whose work do you admire in the industry? Although I am a drama guy first, I really like what they did on the MARTIN and the Dave Chappelle shows. I like the sketch comedy roles with the ability to play different characters. So on MARTN, what character would you have loved to play? The lead of course!

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