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It's Time for America to Accept Nigerian Music

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

(Dallas, Texas - August 23rd, 2021) - American-based Nigerian artist, FriendsWitNobody prepares to release his first-ever Afro-Beats-themed EP titled, NWANNAEDINAMBA, which means my brother from a foreign land. The EP is slated to release via Big Top Entertainment (BTOPENT) 4th quarter of 2021. His previous two releases, IGWE I & II, have streamed in the millions, producing the hit single "$hake It" featuring Bossie Badazz! He is the only American-based independent artist currently considered for both a Grammy Award and the AFRIMA award!

After releasing two successful projects, why release an Afro Beats EP now? After being immersed in the African music culture, and becoming one with the people, I felt compelled to appeal to my Nigerian fan base.

What struggles have you experienced being an American artist with a Nigerian fan base? There was an initial period where I had to understand the economic disparity of some of the business practices. Once I understood what to do and not do, the process was much smoother. I don't blame the Nigerian culture, I blame my lack of knowledge of the international game.

If you could work with any African artist who would it be, why? Phyno. I mean we are both IGBO so I believe that a collaboration would touch all of IGBO land. What's stopping you from making it happen? My team wants to make sure we have the right material and the right song before we approach his team with the idea.

Why should America be more accepting of African music? White America should be accepting because of all that African's have contributed to the country at large. Black Americans, well that is self-explanatory.

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