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Mexico Born RnB Artist "LU" Releases Hit Single

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

(Aurora, Colorado - September 15th, 2020) - Mexico born singer-songwriter and engineer Luis Torres aka "LU" was born in the city of Guadalajara. He migrated with his parents at the age of one where his family settled in Colorado. Through a mutual acquaintance, the 25-year old was introduced to Big Top Entertainment L.L.C., an online media distributor who along with production team Cali 303, would sign "LU" to a distribution and production deal. Ride or Die the first single features Lu singing on the chorus: "Girl You Know that I am down for you, in the fire shooting rounds for you, ain't no question I'm going to make you mind, I'm your Ride or Die". The song also features Rnb singers-songwriters Omari Night and DazeOnEast whose infectious and crisp vocals, along with witty wordplay provide the right sauce to the recipe. Singer-songwriter "LU" is poised to become Rnb's new "hit-boy" with a catalog of songs ready to go, expect big things!

Ride or Die was produced by Kxvi, and will be released via Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. vendor, and Billboard Magazine Power Player, Redeye Worldwide


Bobby Robinson


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