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Paul Wall and Sauce Walka bring the Sauce to Friends Wit Nobody's Unity Song "RESPECTU"!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

(Denver, Colorado - July 26th, 2020) - Fresh off millions of video and Spotify streams, and now in a climate of national unrest, Friends Wit Nobody teams up with one of the most trending artist on the Internet, Houston's own sauce king Sauce Walka. The song "RESPECTU", is a positive unifying song that centers around respecting those who earn it. Sauce Walka brings a million plus Instagram followers, as well as high energetic lyrics with a message about unity and respect. To add more appeal, legendary Houston rapper Paul Wall lends his deep voice to the chorus, "If the bags light God bless you. If the bag's right God bless you. If they hate to see you God bless you. They can't wait to see you God bless you"...etc. Friends Wit Nobody brings in the last verse rapping about real life experiences "I can picture missions in the kitchen, the flashing lights and badges in my vision".

RESPECTU is a song that can touch every listener.

RESPECTU was produced by Kalo On The Beat for Cali 303 x BTELLC, and will be released via Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. partner Billboard Magazine Power Player, Redeye Worldwide

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