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Public Announcement's Earl LC Robinson Joins the BTOPENT Family

(Chicago, Illinois - September 22nd, 2021) - When you mention Platinum-selling 90's R&B group Public Announcement, the first name that comes to mind is International superstar R Kelly; however, there was another equally important factor to the group's success. Earless Robinson or "Earl LC" as he is known, not only was a member of the singing group, he also owns the rights to the group's name Public Announcement, and produced the Platinum-selling single "Body Bumpin" released by A&M records in 1998. Earl was also instrumental in producing the demo, for now, ex-wife, Stephanie Edwards, known by her stage name Sparkle.

Under his new agreement, Robinson's imprint Done Deal Records will produce new material and acts to be distributed by BTOPENT. He is also looking to release the "Earl LC Project", which will feature house music, soulful slow songs, and songs for steppers! His label is also looking to sign and refer talent to BTOPENT's distribution platform. "We are happy to have Done Deal Records as we grow our label partners. His involvement brings a wealth of talent and experience" states COO Jay Johnson.

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