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"Ranch Up" Humorously Bridges Politicism and Inclusion

(Aurora, Colorado - April 27th, 2021) - Independent film company Dogs Den Films, LLC returns with "Ranch Up", an adult animated satirical short film that lightly touches on politicism, inclusion, and acceptance. The synopsis reads, "A small rock from earth and a dim pessimistic star from the galaxies book the same Air BNB in the Middle realm. There are no other rooms available, and despite their differences, they bond over a serving of ranch dressing." The collation between characters seems to mimic the extreme stubbornness of today's political, social, and economic climate, with a much softer and humorous overtone. The lead character Roc, voiced by Trenell Blanks, is a small in stature rock who instantly takes his Ralph from Lord of The Flies stance and seizes control of the small rental. In contrast, Ctar, voiced by Michael McMahon, is a dimly lit star and self-prescribed pessimist who plays down every suggestion Roc commands. Both characters trade barb for barb until they have a "coming to Jesus moment" when they meet a waitress Dee, voiced by Beth Payne, whose credits include Marvel's Young Justice.

Ranch Up was written and directed by Curtis Johnson and will be self-distributed and released on Dogs Den Films YouTube channel exclusively on May 1st, 2021. "We have done the so-called big distribution deals and we want greater control of our product," states the film's director.

Although Ranch Up does not take a side politically, the message is unmistakable. No matter the circumstance or self-imposed importance each of us carry around, there is always room left for compromise, and of course, ranch dressing.

For media inquiries please contact: Bobby Robinson (626) 826-5997

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