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Volcanic Da Don Releases "Still Standing" World-Wide on BTOPENT

(Sumter, South Carolina – December 19th, 2022) – South Carolina's self-proclaimed "best from the south" Volcanic Da Don is out to prove that there's a reason he is still standing. His latest release "Still Standing", is a 17-song collection that deals with Volcanic Da Dons experiences coming up on the music and surviving in the streets. His beat selection for this album is top tier with many songs that could be released as singles, such as "On Purpis" where he shows his ability to rap bar for bar over an eerie K.E. On the track production. He raps " I don't make calls I dial in, you don't pick up I don't dial again", and there is this type of wordplay throughout the album. Another big record is "Snake Bites" a song that addresses dealing with the snakes in the music game and the streets; while "Allowed Too" a drill-inspired song talks about Volcanc's right to all he receives because of the hard work he put in with little to no assistance.

Check out "Still Standing" distributed worldwide by Big Top[ Entertainment L.LC.

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