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Who is Ejay Jemi?

Ejay Jemi a musical artist, rapper, singer, and songwriter hails from Edo state southern Nigeria. I communicate and I am passionate about the art of making music!

What type of music genre do you make?

Rap, HipHop, Afrobeat/Dance/Fusion and RnB

Who are your favorite artists?

To name a few… JCole, Kendrick, Burna Boy, Rihanna, Drake, Billie Eilish, Jhene Aiko, Tiwa Savage, OmahLay, DojaCat.

What is your favorite food?

Pounded yam and egusi soup with goat meat.

Why did you sign with Big Top Entertainment distribution?

Big Top Entertainment has a big industry affiliation and influence and gives me a platform for my professional growth. Signing with them gives me an edge in the international scene and that’s a big flex!

What do you want your fans to gain from your music?

I want to uplift them in down times with good music, great lyrics and professional showmanship! I want to give them relatable moments while connecting with them through music.

If you could tour with any artists, who would you choose?

DojaCat, Post Malone, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy.

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