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Wonderful Recording Group KELU Releases "Good Love" With BTOPENT

(Big Island, Hawaii- July 28th, 2023) Hawaii-based record label and production company Wonderful Recordings release their first single "Good Love" under the partnership with aggregator and distributor Big Top Entertainment L.L.C. (BTOPENT) Led by CEO, producer, and songwriter Anthony “Kelii” Nance, and featuring vocals and songwriting from Leelu Express, KELU's "Good Love" is a song about being ready to find and accept a “Good”, “Love.” The song sonically has an uptempo live dance groove with a very relatable chorus "Baby I'm ready to find a good love", croons Leelu in a soft sensual cadence that places the song in multiple genres.

Anthony Nance is best known for his contributions to the Grammy-winning albums by Alicia Keys, Brian McKnight, and the Bad Boys II Soundtrack.

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